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Career destinations after the Creative Technology MSc

On graduation, you will have the practical, analytic and interpersonal skills needed to work at all stages of the creative technology process.

Career options include information architecture, creative software and web development, 3D work, motion graphics, composition, performance, production, audio and sound engineering, software engineering, simulations, digital media, mobile device applications, UX, IT, and project management.

You will also be suited for work in areas where there is a heavy reliance on technology such as film, theatre and the digital arts. With a recognised skills shortage in the region, graduates from the MSc in Creative Technology can realistically expect to find exciting opportunities in the Bristol area as well as further afield.

Past UWE Students from within Creative Technologies have found work with organisations and employers across the world including; The BBC, Disney (Lyft) Studios, IBM, E3, The Alacrity Foundation, Ministry of Defence, Nomensa, JISC, CX Partners amongst others, as well as research organisations, and their own startups and ventures. Several students have developed their professional practice within design, arts and music, and now record, exhibit and perform internationally.

Places to job hunt

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Communities of creative technologists and designers

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Job, portfolio and CV tips

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