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Regulations and Academic procedures

Academic regulations are there to assure our academic standards and ensure all our students are treated consistently and equitably.

If you are an enrolled student you have agreed to abide by the University’s academic regulations and procedures.

Current academic regulations and procedures

View the full academic regulations and procedures documents:

Changes to your Programme

We strive, and are expected, to continually enhance our Programmes by responding to feedback from students and other Stakeholders, ensuring the curriculum is kept up to date and our graduates are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need. We may make any such changes to our Programmes without consulting you if the changes will not involve a Material Change.

There may be circumstances where we have to make a Material Change to the Material Information. In these circumstances, we will give you advance notice of the change and inform you about how this change will impact on your Programme and work with you to ensure you understand the reasons for, and the effect of, the change.

A Material change would be a change to the programme from the information we provided to you when we made you an offer of a place on your Programme, which includes:

  • the published details of your Programme, including: Programme title; entry requirements; what you will study (for example core modules);

  • method of study (for example, lectures, seminars, work placements); expected workload including number of contact hours and expected self-study;

  • the overall assessment strategy for your Programme (not a change to the balance of assessment within individual modules);

  • the award you will receive on successful completion of your Programme;

  • location of study or possible locations;

  • length of your Programme;

  • whether your Programme is accredited by a professional, statutory or regulatory body (PSRB).

    Examples of reasons for making a Material Change to your Programme may include:

  • a commissioning or accrediting body requires us to add new course content to your Programme;

  • in response to feedback from stakeholders or our students;

  • where there is an insufficient number of students applying to the Programme/module of a Programme to make running the Programme or module impractical to provide a suitable student experience and/or financially viable;

  • to reflect the introduction of new technologies;

  • where staff have taken extended leave or left the University;

  • following changes to the funding we receive or that students may be eligible for;

  • Government legislation

Where we wish to make a material change your rights are defined within the University’s Terms and Conditions (


Student representation

The student representative system is highly valued by the Faculty as it provides students with the opportunity to make a difference to their programme and the wider University. Participation is also beneficial to students in terms of skills development and viewed positively by employers thereby boosting your CV. The system is supported by the Students’ Union who provide training for all Student Representatives. Further information is available from your programme leader or the Students Union webpages: