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Insurance Guidelines

The University has a range of insurance policies which provide cover to both the University, it’s employees and to students. The following guidelines provide summary information on the operation of key policies in the context of University activities. If you required further information please contact J Elliott, Insurance and Data Protection Compliance Officer in Financial Services.

Students on University Premises

Indemnification of the University The University has arranged insurance which provides indemnity in respect of the University’s legal liabilities, which it may incur as a result of injury to students on its premises. There is no cover for accidents that are nobody’s fault.

Personal accident

Although an element of Personal Accident insurance is included in the University’s Overseas Travel policy the University does not provide general Personal Accident Insurance for students. It is the student’s responsibility to arrange their own cover should they wish to do so. However, Personal Accident Insurance is available for students belonging to the various Students’ Union sports clubs. For further details please contact the Students’ Unions Finance Manager.

Fixed Trips

Travel insurance is provided for students undertaking overseas field trips, which are an integral part of their course. An element of Personal Accident insurance cover is included in this policy. However, students undertaking field trips in the UK or overseas may wish to obtain a more comprehensive cover themselves for the duration of the trip.

Sandwich Courses

Students enrolled on sandwich courses normally complete the work placement as employees of the host firm. It is expected that the student will be covered by the employer’s insurances as they apply to its employees.

Secondment and work experience schemes

Where students are seconded to firms (except for periods of industrial training in connection with sandwich courses) public authorities or other establishments for the purpose of practical training or industrial experience, the insurance arranged indemnifies the University in connection with:

  • legal liability incurred as a result of accidental injury to the students themselves

  • legal liability incurred as a result of accidental injury/damage to third party persons or property arising out of any University activities.

    Special arrangements may be necessary depending on the nature of the work experience. Receiving organisations should be asked to deem students to be employees for the purpose of Employers’ Liability and Third Party Liability cover.

Student Overseas Travel


The University has automatic travel insurance cover for employees and students. This policy provides cover for employees travelling overseas on official University business and students who travel overseas as part of their UWE course. Employees are defined as persons with a contract of employment with the University. Our Insurers have confirmed that the cover will also apply to external examiners if travelling on University business and being paid by the University for their services. However it will not apply to other persons who are sub-contracting their services to the University.

No cover applies for holidays or other personal travel. Staff/students should make alternative insurance arrangements for that part of their travel which is not University business.

How to arrange cover

Overseas visits or study periods

Travel insurance cover is provided for students who are required to travel overseas for part of their course.


Details of any occurrence from which a claim may result must be sent immediately to John Elliott, Insurance and Data Protection Compliance Officer who must be kept fully informed of all developments.