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We use a variety of online resources you can access


( is the formal repository for documentation for all courses and modules you will undertake at UWE. The Blackboard Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) will have a separate 'run' for the main course or award you study (The Creative Technology MSc) and each indvidual module you are enrolled in. In each Blackboard 'run' will be details of the module, learing outcomes, up to date course specification, master version of assignments, module staff contact details and any shared learing materials such as reading lists and slidesets. Many courses will also feature online submission of assignment work and dissemination of marks and feedback. This is also handed through Blackboard.

Reading Lists

( You can access online reading lists of core/required reading and additional/recommended reading for each module through individual Blackboard runs, or directly online through the Talis Library system. You can also search for materials and information and references through UWE's library systems. (


( Use the wiki to find regularly updated links to interesting creative tech things online and read (and add to) a list of useful tools and resources for creative technology. We also use the wiki for project blogging, shared documentation and arrangign ad-hoc elements such as co-ordinating tutorial timetables.


( Please join the Slack channel for info and discussion ( We use Slack extensively on a day to day basis for messaging and non-formal announcements, sharing of code questions and references and links.


( Read, follow (and tweet) to and about UWE Creative Technology MSc. Use the hashtag #UWEcreativetech

GitHub Code and information Repository

( We use github as a repository for demonstration code and also for shared documents (this Handbook is written and shared via github). It allows management, sharing and version control of any kind of text document, writing, courses, notes and of course computer code.


( Video channel on Vimeo showcasing workshops, student work and research projects.

Search site content from previous years – E.G. coursework guidance Manage and arrange group coursework with group/private messaging Talk to students in the course about optional modules you may want to find out about

Resources at Frenchay Campus

The Project Room (2Q30) is a dynamic space designed to support individual and group project working, including four bookable booths with large screens for group work. It serves as a printing hub and home for binding machines and a laminator to help with presentation of portfolios, posters etc and is open 24/7 during term time.

The Project Room Desk, open 9am to 5pm on weekdays, sells a variety of FET course related consumables for model making and sketching and loans out multimedia equipment e.g. cameras, HD camcorders, tripods, sound recorders and headphones, to Faculty of Environment and Technology (FET) students only.

The IT Service Desk (2Q33) is the first point of contact for all staff and students of the Faculty requiring IT or AV support. The Desk is staffed by three full-time members of staff. They are chosen for their knowledge and experience of the Faculty’s computer systems and their customer service skills. They also receive training in the common problems, queries and requests encountered with the systems. If they are unable to provide immediate help with a query, they will refer it on to a more appropriate area of the IT support team.

Booking equipment

You can see a range of the resources we have available on the Creative Technology WIKI pages and you can also browse and book equipment from the project room online.